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    AXIS2000 - Wheel-Alignment-System for commercial vehicles with digital data gathering

    The wheel alignment system AXIS2000 for the measuring of commercial vehicles is the new evolution to digital data gathering. All readings are electronically transferred to an end report.

    Technical features:

    • Measuring of the vehicle in done in its normal driving position, no lifting of the vehicle required

    • No runout compensation required

    • No requirement to have an extra inclinometer as this is integrated in the measuring head

    • Easy mounting on steel wheels with the use of magnets

    • Quick clamping device for aluminium wheels

    • Quick measuring of total/individual toe, camber, toe out on turns, caster, axle out of square,

       axle offset and steering gear middle position

    • The vehicle chassis centre line is used as reference point for every measurement

    • All measurements can be made within 10 minutes including setup

    • 1 man use


    Acquisition of the measuring values:

    • All vehicle data can be selected, quickly and comfortably. With the AXIS2000

      it is possible to measure all types of commercial vehicles.

    • All measurements are started from the vehicle overview screen. All measurements

      for all axles are shown on one screen.

    • After the camber measurement is completed there is a live reading option to aid adjustment.

    • All measured readings are transferred to a finished report which can be printed.





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