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What once began in 1968 in lower Kleinburgwedel has now developed into a global success story. Employees at three locations, more than 100 registered patents and agents in 50 countries on all five continents hereby tell it all.

Tradition und innovation — these two catchphrases form our foundation for our daily activities. Through intensive personal contact to you as our customers, we “traditionally” place the greatest value and strive to perfect our services to you. This proximity has also been our drive and motivation. We therefore relentlessly optimize our product portfolio and adapt it to current market conditions. Innovations developed by HAWEKA simplify the day to day work and thus ensure satisfied customers.



HAWEKA innovation
HAWEKA has always strived to come up with solutions for problems and to be a reliable partner for all enterprises that wish to offer high-quality tire service to their customers. We always have an ear at the pulse of time and flexibly and individually react to the market requirements. With the development of the first Universal UniSimplex flange, the world’s very first quick-action clamping nut that is made of plastic, DuoExpert which is a tolerance-free centering tool and the smoothly adjustable clamping plate, we have revolutionized the balancing technology. Millions of motorists around the globe can now enjoy a much safer and more comfortable ride. HAWEKA is now a leading company in centering and clamping systems in the vehicle wheels’ field.

HAWEKA production
“Made in Germany” is greatly emphasized by HAWEKA. Highly trained professionals are responsible for the production of reliable precision tools, at our production site in Herzberg am Harz, using the latest machine technology. We never compromise on the high standards we have set for our products – the end result finally ends with you, our customers.

HAWEKA distribution

Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Europe: our exclusive centering and clamping systems are sold out by qualified HAWEKA partners to all the five continents on the globe in approximately 50 countries. In addition, our professional, mobile axle alignment systems are also in use all over the globe and provide more safety on the streets. In Germany, we are recognized for many decades as a reliable manufacturer of high quality workshop equipment for tire service.

HAWEKA service

Service is not just a promise for us, but an important part of our philosophy. Our trained service staff operates across Germany and offers you competent and friendly support. Our service also includes a specialized and comprehensive briefing on the acquisition of new HAWEKA products.





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A new service tool "Document library" available

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has released our AXIS4000.

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Mercedes-Benz factory release for AXIS4000MB

The HAWEKA system AXIS4000MB of wheel alignment for commercial vehicles is now homologated for all Mercedes-Benz service points worldwide.






12.11. - 18.11.23

Hannover / Germany




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